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  1. Mike Anderson says:

    Long Live The KING…..Tone King that is.

  2. Bryon Curtis says:

    I regularly speak with other PR’s about who they pitch, what I should pitch….in the old days we called it “lifting our skirts”. In today’s world, there’s no way one person can “own” enough information to be more competitive because of it. We have to collaborate and share…and our boats will all lift with the tide as a result.

  3. wild says:

    I love your videos i have always wanted to start playing the guitar and once i came across your channal on youtube i was amazed at how you play the guitar so freely i have finaly started taking lessons and hope to play like you one day. geting this pedal would realy help me get off to a good start as it is to expensive to go by the best gear when ever you want anyway thanks for inspiering me to play guitar and ceap doing what you do. sorry for bad english

  4. Cooker01 says:

    Because of you i decided to do something I always wanted to do and that is to start a gear collection. with not known brands of guitars. I live in china and here there are brands that i’ve never heard of. Thanks for the inspiration and keep rockin’

  5. zash says:

    great article you wrote on the URL page
    I had simular thoughts and experience lately searching for a quality USA made axe for my daughter.

  6. Mocker says:

    thetoneking.com is my permanant home page! Keep up the great site TTK!

  7. mitch says:

    YEAH! thanks for all the help man really appreciate it!

  8. jimmy goff says:

    thanks for all your hard work to make our decisions easyer when buying gear keep rockin

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