Nov’10 – Halo Guitar

For November, TTK has teamed up w/ Halo Guitars, and will be giving away this rockin’ cool :

The Morbus HALO Guitar!!

Click on pictures for hi-res full detail!

Congratulations to our winner : OHNODO_82!

Details of the give-away are as follows :

  • Enter your email address below, and click Subscribe.  This will enter your email into’s Feedburner Email Database. 
  • On Friday, November 26th, On the live webcast, TTK will pick a winner at random, from the Feedburner Database. 
  • If you have already subscribed to the database, you’re already entered to win the guitar. 
  • Shipping will be world-wide, so long as UPS (United Parcel Service) or USPS (United States Postal Service) can get it to you.
  • Buyer pays actual shipping charges.  This will be coordinated directly between the winner and Halo Guitars.  If you win, and are unable or unwilling to pay actual shipping charges, we will then pick another winner at random.
  • Details on the live webcast can be found here :
  • Please note – regarding email addresses (a) they will be shared with Halo Guitars, and (b) you are able to unsubscribe at anytime.
Enter your email address:

Good luck, thank you for joining and ROCK ON!

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  1. Thanks very much for the post, I can always get better to play the acoustic guitar, and every new lesson and idea helps.

  2. colin says:

    sweet guitar love the green

  3. occum says:

    That neon color, contrasted with black hardware, is just to much!! So pretty. A couple of weeks ago I checked out their website, they have great gear! Submitted my email address and was told that I was already in the feedburner database,guess I’m good to go. Would love to win!

  4. tibi says:

    that guitar can complete my 10 diferent brand guitar colection

  5. Hugo says:

    My birthday is on november 7th… This would be my perfect birthday present hehe 😛

  6. Rik van Kroonenburg says:

    Whoosh, that guitar is smoking! Love the black hardware on the green

  7. Vid says:

    This would be so cool as a birhday gift to my dad.

  8. Ken Lenker says:


  9. Dan says:

    Wow, for a company likely none of my friends have heard of, they make some beautiful guitars. The reaper that you reviewed has an amazing body shape, very unique. Gottalove companies that can do just about anything custom to a guitar.

  10. David K says:

    Opted in with email address, That is one beautiful guitar, Green is Good!

    Cash Dollars are Green, and Tone rings in another winning Contest

    (How can you complain about a sweepstakes guitar, puzzles me, I think its

    Fresh Air! and bet it sounds and leaves a Halo around You on stage!


    aka as David K

  11. JL says:

    Tried to register but it said i was already signed up for the tone kings news letter. So am I registered or not?

  12. Jose says:

    I need a new guitar! i barely have enough money to buy a decent one with the job i have…Give it to me!!!! hahaha i really need one!

  13. Brian says:

    Needs a locking whammy and active pickups!!
    The green is nasty too! Who plays a green guitar these days?

  14. Sathos says:

    @AAA it’s called “string through body” those holes go all the way through and contain cups with a wide hole on the back end to hold the string balls and a small hole in the top to let the string through… it’s one of the easiest systems for string change around… and pick guard? this isn’t the 40s 😉

  15. Chris says:

    I get an error message when I try my email saying it cannot find the page. How can I register? Sweet looking guitar!! I’m green with envy to whomever the winner is.

  16. AAA says:

    looks like it doesn’t have a pickguard and the strings are going into those little wholes. So I’m wondering, if need be, how would you restring it?

  17. SerWer says:

    Oh, very acid guitar

  18. that guitar would be sweet to play live with!

  19. Matt Arden says:

    This will be an awesome giveaway!
    A Halo guitar wow
    TTK you always have the best gear giveaways as expected!

  20. ModernGuitarist says:

    Would still make a good birthday gift. =D

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