Fit for a King: Peavey’s ValveKing II Guitar Amplifiers



Looking for a ton of boutique tones in one amp? The Peavey ValveKing is that amp.

The best thing about most boutique amps is also the thing that sucks about most boutique amps. Unique tone. People buy a boutique amp because they’re looking for a sound that they can only get out of that amp. The problem is that you’re only going to get one good tone out of that amp, often at a price that’s not for everyone.

Enter Peavey’s ValveKing.

Peavey built the ValveKing to give players those boutique quality tones while being versatile enough for modern players at a price not just for a King but for the entire Kingdom.

12AX7 and 6L6GC all-tube amp with two independent channels with independent 3-band EQ (VK MicroHead sports EL84s). Volume and gain boos on the lead channel and a bright boost on the clean channel. And, of course, a Peavey tube amp wouldn’t be complete with their patented Resonance, Presence, and Vari-Class controls. Peavey has also taken the hassle out of tubes with the TSI Tube Monitoring System that will monitor your tubes with pass/fail indicator LEDsValveKIIH-xlarge

Vari-Class gives players the option of changing the amps response characteristics from a Modern Class A/B to a Vintage Class A amp and anywhere in between. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal. Peavey’s ValveKing doesn’t just mimic these sounds, it becomes a completely different amp with the flip of a switch or gentle turn of a dial.

The ValveKing gives you Microphone Simulated Direct Interface output with Speaker Defeat for the ultimate late night recording along with USB recording out!

Reverb? Check

Effects Loop? Check

And don’t forget that those Presence and Resonance controls are the same controls that make the 6505 the go to amp for modern metal and rock dudes.

Line 6


Good luck finding another boutique amp with all those options. Most boutique amps, you’re lucky if you can get an effects loop. Microphone Simulated Direct Output along with USB capability and Speaker Defeat? Not without paying an extra thousand bucks or so. Hell, most of them only come with one channel!

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with most boutique amps. They have their one sound, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then go for it! But Peavey has always been about giving players more options for less cash with stage-ready tone that has rocked stages since 1957.

Peavey’s ValveKing series comes in 20W or 50W Combos, a Micro-Head, or a 100W full size head. Plus, the ValveKing 4×12 slant or straight cabinets and the 1×12 extension cabs are all built to work with the versatile voicings of the ValveKing heads.DV016_Jpg_Large_1379945713303_A

Of course, The Tone King always says, “The bigger the better!” So, his particular fav is the 100W monster head coupled with a full stack. There’s nothing like plugging into a full stack, cranking the volume, and shredding out over some chugging riffs. Because, when you’re rocking, sometimes you just have to completely obliterate everything in the freaking room!

And, in true Peavey style, the ValveKing’s are less than a quarter of the price of most boutique amps! Not bad for a boutique amp.

Peavey’s ValveKing series guitar amplifiers and cabinets; gear built for real players.

Those of you who have watched the Hartley Peavey episode of’s Future of Gear series already know that Peavey is one of the few guitar and amp manufacturers that is still independently owned and operated. And, Peavey keeps their gear affordable to cater to working musicians.

The Tone King has played through a shit-ton of amps. Some of them great, and some of them not-so-great. Peavey has always kicked ass. And, the ValveKing Series is no exception. Over more than a half of a century, Peavey has evolved with the music around them. That’s why they’ve been the gear of choice from everyone from VH, to Ted Nugent, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, to RED, to Asking Alexandria. There aren’t many manufacturers who have survived for nearly 60 years, and there are even less that can boast such a wide range of current artists. In our opinion, if there’s one amp that you can trust with your tone, it’s Peavey’s ValveKing.

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  1. Steven Brouillette says:

    Hello Mr ToneKIng,

    I am wondering if you could have a good ole Plexi sound out of the 100w head? There’s not lot’s of retailer in my area who have the ValveKing II 100w head.

    I am the lead guitar-singer in a heavy blues influence band….. I’m tired of having a Fender (don’t get me wrong, great amp but want something a little more rock n roll!!!) amp but not enough money for Marshall-Blackstar amp. Have a super reverb reissue and a deluxe reverb reissue for selling!! 😉

    It will be my first head but i want to be able to nail that’ 60-70’s plexi sound (and have a little bit more gain sometimes!!!)!!!

    By the way great work to inform us!!! Have a nice day

    Brew 71

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  4. Stereotypical Evil Archer says:

    Hovercraft amps. Custom boutique amps with several tones per circuit. Cheaper than a Jet City custom ampfactory amp. Hovercraft is really catching on. Handmade Dwarvenaut 20 starts at $550.
    Hovercrafts are not clones either. You can get several tones from one amp, Sunn T, Hiwatt, Orange/Matamp OR, Marshall JCM, blues and vintage. And Hovercraft doesn’t cheat with diodes or solid state rectifiers, Nial’s circuits are tube preamps and tube power. No computer fakery. Made in the USA.

  5. Parvez says:

    Hey ToneKing,
    I am a huge fan of yours. I need your help to purchase an amp.
    I have selected 2 amps, please tell me which one to purchase.
    1. Marshall MG102CFX
    2. Carvin SX300


  6. ken says:

    Right On Tone KING ! I own a original 5150 when it first came out and bought a Peavey Windsor 1st Run, had the Peavey Windsor modified by Jerry @ FJA and the Windsor will BLOW away A Marshall 2203 head !

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