Ed Roman Quicksilver Shoot-Out ~ VOTE NOW!!


Boys & Girls – VOTE NOW …

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Watch my video review of The Ed Roman Quicksilver

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  2. Ace69 says:

    TK, please check the source of who makes the PRS SE models!
    If its Cort/Cortek, boycott them for their poor treatment of their employees!

    They have had a running dispute with Cort/ek since 2009! Very sad. There are quite a few news vids on YT about it!

    I will never buy a Cort branded guitar or any guitar made by Cort on another Co’s behalf!

  3. Meatball says:

    I don’t care about PRS guitars at all, My vote is in and will watch whatever you put up TTK.

  4. SlimMetal says:

    My vote is in brother. Would be a killer shootout

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