BC Rich, ESP, or Jackson – YOU VOTE


Okay – here’s one for ya …

Which brand do you think has it all going on?

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  1. dbombaable says:

    I love my American made Jacksons but this past year the Korean made B.C. Rich Deluxe line really takes the cake. For $800 new you can get what you would have to pay $2000+ from Jackson in the Usa Models.

  2. fightingfoo says:

    I love Jackson products, Yes they are owned by fender but they arent a fender by any means. All of the brands are great but Im going to go with Jackson for a lot of the different models to appeal to all types of guitarists.

  3. SlimMetal says:

    Voted. I am an ESP LTD fan. I just like their stuff . . .

  4. chazvegas says:

    Jsckson rock nonstopable Rock best and we all know it really a Fender

  5. Brian says:

    I love both Jackson and B.C.Rich, they have attainable (read under $2,000.00) models that play great, they also both offer original designs, and great playability, plus a model for everyone, from mild to metal. Esp is not an american brand (-1) , has only copies of other builders models(-2), and, beyond the current fad to buy them, has nothing that some other brand does as well or better. (-3)Jackson necks (we are talking all of them)are faster, and B.C.Rich builds a better guitar for (finally) less! Sorry ESP, but my third eye is looking at some up-and-comers that are going to steal the show.

  6. jackson says:

    bc rich makes some ok stuff if u wanna pay 3000 for ok

    esp makes alot of great lines of equipment with good hardware but they neet to branch to more than emg and duncan jb/59

    jackson takes the cake in my opinion.

  7. xxxithink says:

    I like them all for soem things but I think ESP is has a more varied selection and can hit almost any genre better. Maybe it’s just me. I surely wouldn’t rue out any of the makers they all make fine guitars.

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