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  1. Demise says:

    I really wanted a Jackson V style guitar as a kid but once i plugged one in and tried it at my local Guitar shop, i wan’t to fond of it’s tone. Then i tried a much cheaper bolt on neck B.C. Rich and loved it’s tone!! From then i bought my 1st B.C. Rich Bich around $500 and she sounds great! Just received my new baby, all black B.C. Rich Bich solid body, neck through with ebony fret board and she sings like an angel. Clear notes, beautiful open tone! When kicked in to distortion.. better make way cause this guitar has no remorse and will destroy!!!

  2. dbombaable says:

    I love my American made Jacksons but this past year the Korean made B.C. Rich Deluxe line really takes the cake. For $800 new you can get what you would have to pay $2000+ from Jackson in the Usa Models.

  3. fightingfoo says:

    I love Jackson products, Yes they are owned by fender but they arent a fender by any means. All of the brands are great but Im going to go with Jackson for a lot of the different models to appeal to all types of guitarists.

  4. SlimMetal says:

    Voted. I am an ESP LTD fan. I just like their stuff . . .

  5. chazvegas says:

    Jsckson rock nonstopable Rock best and we all know it really a Fender

  6. Brian says:

    I love both Jackson and B.C.Rich, they have attainable (read under $2,000.00) models that play great, they also both offer original designs, and great playability, plus a model for everyone, from mild to metal. Esp is not an american brand (-1) , has only copies of other builders models(-2), and, beyond the current fad to buy them, has nothing that some other brand does as well or better. (-3)Jackson necks (we are talking all of them)are faster, and B.C.Rich builds a better guitar for (finally) less! Sorry ESP, but my third eye is looking at some up-and-comers that are going to steal the show.

  7. jackson says:

    bc rich makes some ok stuff if u wanna pay 3000 for ok

    esp makes alot of great lines of equipment with good hardware but they neet to branch to more than emg and duncan jb/59

    jackson takes the cake in my opinion.

  8. xxxithink says:

    I like them all for soem things but I think ESP is has a more varied selection and can hit almost any genre better. Maybe it’s just me. I surely wouldn’t rue out any of the makers they all make fine guitars.

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