Aubrey Singer; Writer, Marketing Guy, Shredder!


Aubrey Singer – Writer, Marketing Guy, Shredder

He started as a fan, but then was knighted after some productive email exchanges with The Tone King.

Aubrey is a full-time screenwriter/director who got his start in ad industry. As a copywriter and Creative Director, he worked for some of the biggest names in the game, like TBWA Chiat/Day, Publicis, DDB Needham, and McCann Erickson to name a few.

And Clios, New York Festival, The Addys, The One Show, and the Cannes Festival. he’s won acclaim from numerous national and international award shows including the Aubrey also wrote for Marvel Comics, and has directed numerous award-winning commercials, one of which was selected to appear on The World Commercials.

Before all that, Aubrey was a recording and touring musician. But he eventually drew tired of having to heat his hotel room with a hair dryer. He lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. Keith Brunson says:

    Keith Brunson here Aubrey. I’ve got NEW PROJECT. CARE TO WORK ON IT WITH ME? iT’S all out balls to the walls comedy.
    Would you like to work together again?

  2. Peter Tutlys says:

    hey big shot above, tomlinson, contact me. as for aubrey, contact me too

  3. Sara from harbourfront Dental Office says:

    Hey Aubrey, hope all is well. When you ever have some time call me. I told Mitch to give you my number. Did you get it? My number is 416-819-6436.

  4. jbtomlinson says:

    CALL ME 647 350 6048

  5. jbtomlinson says:

    hey, big shot, do you ever get in touch with your old ad buddies

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