Are Fake Guitars Worth the $$$ ???


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  1. hotrod V says:

    Obviously I agree wholeheartedly with the forged guitar thing. i would be through the roof if I bought a “high end” guitar only to have it show up and be an obviously cheap knock-off. Anyone would.
    In the past I have complained about certain brands (and one in particular) who’s catalogs have page after page of models that all look exactly like just about any iconic guitar you could think of. I know that the name on the headstock is different, and the model name is different, but it still annoys me. Some of these companies make quality instruments and even sell them for around the same price as the original. I know this is different than counterfeits, but I still, The Dude Doesn’t Abide.
    I know almost everyone will know who I am talking about and disagree for various reasons, but it gets to me.
    HOWEVER, the whole idea of maybe giving these counterfeits to schools or something like that makes sense…just as soon as any identifying marks, stickers, logos and/or brand names have been removed and possibly just left bare of logos or even repainted with the particular school’s logo. Let’s not waste instruments as long as they are usable. As a teen i used to get so frustrated watching the rock and hair metal bands trash their guitars and amps for show. I always felt like “If you don’t want it, I’ll take it you a-hole!”
    Lets the kids have ’em.

  2. Big Lou says:

    I agree 100% with TK. You sell a fake you need to be prosecuted, period. When I see a Gibson on CraigsList I ask the person to take his ad down and if he doesn’t I send the link to Gibson and let them do the rest. Tokai is a overseas company that produced replicas of PRS, Fender & Gibson BUT they do not put the other company logo on their guitars. They are very well made guitars and they put the Tokai logo on their guitars. On some models their guitar actually cost almost as much as the guitar it looks like. I have heard from numerous people that own a Tokai that the workmanship is actually better than the USA counterpart. You won’t pick up a LP Tokai for $300 put it like that. LOL Most people try to sell REAL brands on CL but you’ve always have a few bad apples that try and sell a FAKE and ruin the experience for the first time guitar buyer that thinks he/she got a steal on a real LP or Strat when they got a fake. I haven’t seen this as much in the Amp section, Ceriatone and many others are making fantastic HandWired amps that are exact duplicates of many famous amps especially in the TWEED variety 😉 I have heard some that actually sound better than a F-Brand Re-issue on a PCB board but theirs is Hand Wired. Sometimes you can find a vintage amp in mint condition like I just did with a 70’s Fender Super Reverb, it didn’t come with speakers or a footswitch but that can be fixed. I have only paid full retail for One guitar, my 2011 Fender USA Strat but now I get 15-20% off, there is so much mark up it’s laughable. Only One guitar I would pay over 3K for and that would be a 59 re-issue LP, a PRS I would go as far as $2500 new of course 😉 Well, that’s enough of me ranting.
    Ya’ll have a great day playing music because that’s what it’s all about, wether it be a $500 or $3000 guitar :-) Enjoy your music :-)

  3. CanadianConnection says:

    I completely agree with TTK’s thoughts and opinions on this subject. I am at the same beliefs with knock off guitars.

    Let’s take for example a Gibson knock off. To the untrained person, it maybe be a Gibsons, but if I knew that it isn’t a Gibson and I’m robbing myself of that true experience of playing and owning the actual beast. You truly owe it to yourself to own the actual Guitar that you desire.

    Like TTK specified, we have rules to protect manufactures and you so you don’t miss out the opportunity to enjoy your true life passion. Maybe I wouldn’t pay $4000 for a guitar, but definately wouldn’t pay anything to own a knock off. I personally believe that’s it’s wrong sell something disguised as another manufactures brand and we have laws to protect us and manufacture for this reason.

    Whether you know it’s a knock off or not, by supporting these shady people who purposely try to sell items that aren’t the real deal, it’s negatively impacting the industry and taking away that joy, that pleasure, that pride from you of owning and experiencing what you really want in life.

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