The King’s Feast Talent Search : February 2011

Congratulations to Reborn From Flames!

And, BIG thanks & congrats to everyone who participated!  Fantastic job!

The POLL is officially closed.  Here are the results :

[poll id=”39″]

The Judges have spoken … and below were their top picks!  Full details on each of the runner-ups:

  • Krish : Entry here to read about Krish.  Listen on Myspace
  • Reborn From Flames : Entry here to read about Reborn From Flames.  Listen on MySpace.
  • Spearmint 6 : Entry here to read about Spearmint 6.  Listen on MySpace.
  • WishPool : Entry here to read about WishPool.  Listen on ReverbNation

Please note : Poll logging method is set up by Cookie & IP Address.  Poll will stay live for approximately 72 hours.  It will close down the last day of February (Feb 28th) at approximately 2 minutes to midnight!  Good luck!

For February : The winners will receive an interview by published author Marc Johnson, which will go live on TheToneKing.com, including a plug about their band, tour dates, and other general information on the band. 

In addition, for those bands that agree in having their music played commercially on YouTube Channel LMSJR, their music will be promoted throughout the course of the month.  Lastly, each winning band will be invited to sit on the Judge’s Panel to select the runner ups for next month’s winner.

For February, the Panel of Judges are:


The Panel of judges will select the top bands, which will make their way to a worldwide poll, where the fans can then vote on the best band!

Poll will go live on THIS page during the Monthly Live Webcast

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  1. SpearmintSixString says:

    Thanks to everyone who voted for us, a huge well done to Reborn From Flames! and zack we used this old bashed up Laney TT50 combo with a Gibson SG and an Epiphone Les Paul

  2. Billy Gonz says:


    I enjoyed thier style of music the most, hard rockin’ driving music.

    Young kids with plenty of talent, they have nowhere to go but up!

    Best of Luck to SPEARMINT 6.

  3. ZachReborn says:

    hey this is Zach from Reborn, and i just wanted to say thanks everyone for voting for us and to spearmint6 just checked out your demo on youtube, you guys have a mighty heavy guitar sound goin on, what gear did you use?

  4. joe says:

    love these young and well worth a listen :O)

  5. Eddie Geach says:

    SPEARMINT 6 – Are a Very Young, BUT also Very Talented Guys with Great Personalities who are committed to there Music in a Huge way.. There Vibrance and Enjoyment spills out at every Gig and they are a Pleasure to Watch as well as listen too .. Long may they Remain as SPEARMINT 6 and continue to write there own material as well as playing covers 🙂 I Hope they do well in this Competition as they Truly desreve someting for there hard work over the time they have been together .. Best of Luck Ladz .. Eddie 🙂

  6. Wishpool is AWESOME!

  7. Fire says:

    Wishpool is the shit. End of story.

  8. Alexandria says:

    Wishpool is amazing. They deserve it. Honestly good guys, with real talent. Vote for them.

  9. Dodge says:

    This Band SPEARMINT 6 has so much to give, they have new stuff readdy to record at MAS Records in March, all composed by them selves, the 4 lads are going to make it Im sure.


  10. SerVVer says:

    “Hell Breaks Loose” by Spearmint 6 should be wonderful to listen to while riding a bike.

  11. Josh says:

    Hey, just wondering how you want people to enter their stuff. I must have missed it on your youtube vid. Is it best to post a reply on youtube to your vid or email it to you or what? And if its just a sound clip, what’s the best way to do that? – as in, do i have to attach it to a video or something, or can i just send the raw 8 track wave file?

    Cheers mate,


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