Thank you for watching my Randall MTS Mystery Module Video. So, which was your favorite? A, B, or C?

So ... a few things about the video ... First - My son, TTK Jr., helped me out ... so I want to be sure to give him some credit.

He colored in the , and for your viewing enjoyment, so please, if you visit the comment section again, on the YouTube video ... please give a shout-out! He'll enjoy reading those comments!

So ... here are the rules : (a) You watch the video, (b) You let your EARS decide which one you like best, (c) you leave a comment on the YouTube video and then (d) visit this site, to see which is which.

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Now ... Drum roll please ...

So, here is goes. If you liked A - Go treat yourself to a Tread Plate module. To my understanding, this is based on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier circuit.



So, if you liked Module B - You must be a very Disturbed dude or chick ... go treat yourself to 1086 Dan Donegan Signature Module..



Lastly - if you loved C - you must be on XTC!!



TTK Jr. working on the letters for YOUR vid!

TTK Jr. chillin' in The Tone Lounge, right before the shoot!

All new audio & video & software for 09.

More recording gear ...

Amp mic'd - SM57


Hope you enjoyed the vid. Take care, The Tone King!!!

As always, Thank you for your support,

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