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Dialing In Your Tone with special guest MIKE SOLDANO!

So you have all the gear – what do you do with it? How do you go about getting the perfect tone?

We’ll talk about Tips, Tricks, etc.

We’ll show you the relationship between VOLUME & GAIN, Treble & Presence. We’ll also address where mids are most appropriate!

Since we’ll have the godfather of the Modern high Gain Amp on the line – let’s find out the differences between a quality made amp and an economy made amp – and how it affects your overall tone! Learn about the components that affect your tone!

Line 6

We’ll also cover choice of effects, and the amt of effects you should use. Are you using too many? Find out!

We’ll also cover Digital vs. Analog, A to D, to A conversion and how it affects your guitar / amp tone. Let’s see if you’re making any mistakes!

Satellite issues include : Guitar Pickup Height, Tubes vs. Speakers, etc.

Mike Soldano is not only an amp guru – he’s also a gigging musician, so JOIN US in on how you can dial in the perfect tone!

See you there – ROCK ON!

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