Hurricane Irene / Camping ~ Survival Guide for Guitarists (Orange Micro & Sanyo Eneloop) !!


Folks – We have a hurricane moving into New Jersey – so I put my thinking cap on, and wanted to put together a video that will help you rock out, when all the power & lights go out!

Check out a full demo of the Orange Micro series amps (that run on battery), and the Sanyo Eneloop Pedal Juice for extended power (up to 17 extra hours!!!)

– Micro Crush works great on a single 9V battery (works perfectly w/ the Eneloop).

– Micro Crush Stereo (18v) works great if you want to jam out w/ the tunes on your iPod / iPhone!

Line 6

Both scenarios are demonstrated in the video!!!

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Be SAFE & Rock ON!
Signed, The Tone King

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